Gray Divorce

When a couple who has been married for several years decides to end their marriage, their reasons are usually complex.  It may be that after decades together, they have grown apart or because of something as devastating as an affair.   While divorce can be one of the most financially and emotionally devastating experiences a person… Read More »

What a Certified Elder Law Attorney Can do for you

When you enter your retirement years, there will be changes to multiple aspects of your life.  Some of your primary concerns will probably involve healthcare coverage, income, paying for long-term care, and estate planning.  Each area is complex and has its own laws and requirements.  Therefore, to address all of your legal needs successfully and… Read More »

Protecting Marital Assets When Your Spouse has Dementia

There are few situations as heartbreaking as watching your spouse develop and suffer from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  In some cases, your partner may have mild indications such as some limited memory loss while in others, they may have severe confusion which interferes with his or her ability to attend… Read More »

Creating an Ironclad Will

Your last will and testament or “will” is a part of your estate plan which permits you set out the way in which you want your property to be distributed and have other matters handled when you pass away.  Ideally, what you have said in your will is going to be easily understood and accepted… Read More »

What is Supported Decision Making?

When someone has a physical or mental condition which interferes with his or her ability to make decisions, it can be difficult.  While fostering an individual’s independent choices is important it is also vital that he or she receives the care they need. One option is to ask that another person be appointed as the… Read More »

How to Create a Plan to Age in Place

When you think about retiring and spending time with family and friends, you probably picture yourself living in your own home.  The term for this living arrangement “aging in place” means being able to live out the rest of your life in the comfort of your own residence.  As we get older, there will be… Read More »

Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

While we all hope to remain healthy and active as we age, there is a possibility that an unforeseen medical condition or accident could limit our mobility and change our medical care needs.  While Medicare and supplemental Medicare coverage will cover some costs, these plans and policies will not pay for most long-term care services… Read More »

The Importance of Senior Wellness

It is not surprising that having good health during our senior years usually means being able to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities such as spending time with family and friends.  It can also mean being able to remain physically and mentally healthy.  For older adults prioritizing wellness through routine exercise, positive nutrition, social… Read More »