Julie Boyce-Janes

Julie Boyce-Janes

Legal Assistant
  • Glenn R. Matecun, PC
  • 915 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 6, Howell, Michigan 48843
  • 517-548-7400

Juile Boyce-Janes is a dedicated and detail-oriented probate legal assistant with over six years of experience in the legal field. Julie plays a crucial role in supporting attorneys and clients through the intricate probate process.

Her responsibilities include conducting initial client interviews, gathering and organizing relevant documents, and preparing necessary paperwork for probate court filings. Julie is adept at navigating the complexities of estate administration, assisting in asset valuation, and collaborating with financial institutions and government agencies.

Julie maintains regular contact with clients, providing updates on case progress and answering inquiries. She ensures that all deadlines are met, and filings are accurate and complete.

Julie understands the emotional challenges that often accompany probate proceedings and strives to provide compassionate and supportive assistance throughout the entire legal process.