It's a common misconception that a real estate agent is the only professional you need to consult to complete your real estate sale or purchase. Although real estate agents can help you locate suitable properties to purchase or get the highest possible price for the property you wish to sell, they're not allowed to give legal advice. Working with a real estate attorney is the only way to legally secure your investment, maximize potential tax savings, and protect yourself from possible litigation.

Our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of residential and commercial estate concerns. Whether you've found your dream home or are planning to move your growing business to a new location, our goal is to provide the legal support you need to complete your transaction with confidence.

Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate

For many Michigan residents, their home is their greatest asset. This means it's vital that you take all possible precautions to reduce the risk associated with purchasing your first home, upgrading to a larger residence, or planning a job-related move. Our services for those who are buying or selling residential real estate include:

  • Preparing and reviewing purchase and sales agreements
  • Assisting with the preparation of documents required by Michigan law, including the Michigan Sellers' Disclosure Statement and the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  • Advising on home inspection issues
  • Reviewing title work and closing documents
  • Ensuring all documents at closing are properly executed and delivered

Residential Leases and Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Michigan renters may have a need for a qualified real estate attorney when there is a problem with a lease or a dispute with the landlord regarding the condition of the property. Some of the many issues our team can assist with include:

  • Early termination of a lease
  • Subletting
  • Illegal retaliatory evictions
  • Returning a security deposit
  • Upkeep and repair concerns

Although it's usually in your best interest to work out a deal with your landlord directly, an attorney can help you protect your rights when your landlord isn't being fair or reasonable.

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Although Michigan law doesn't require you to be represented by a real estate attorney to complete your transaction, legal representation should be thought of as an investment in your future. A misstep or oversight could easily cost you thousands of dollars, so it's well worth the effort to ensure your deal goes through without any unexpected glitches.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help with your residential or commercial real estate transaction. Consultations are available at our Howell or Clinton Township offices or anywhere in Michigan virtually.