Elder law attorney, elder care attorney, estate planning, end-of-life, advance directives. Medicaid planning, Veterans benefitsEveryone wants the best for their elderly loved ones, and the elderly themselves need and deserve high quality legal counsel and guidance. An elder law attorney can handle a variety of legal matters, including issues relating to: health care, long term and end-of-life care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid planning, nursing home planning, asset protection, Veterans benefits and estate planning (for example, Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney). Unlike many attorneys, elder law attorneys focus on and have expertise in the needs of older adults and their families. This is an important distinction since so many issues affecting the elderly are unique from those relating to younger adults.

Another reason that the experience and expertise of an elder law attorney are so important is the fact that elder law matters are pursuant to state laws. State laws have specific provisions that apply to wills, trusts, advance directives, financial power of attorney, and formalities relating to signing and executing these documents. Furthermore, it’s the job of the states to administer Medicaid at the local level, and the laws and regulations regarding Medicaid, nursing homes and asset protection vary from state to state.

Here are some more reasons to hire an elder law attorney:

  • A good elder law attorney takes a holistic approach. This entails much more than just signing documents and focusing on short term issues. It involves a personal connection, and building long-term relationships with elderly clients.
  • An elder law attorney understands and relates to the physical and mental issues that go along with aging.
  • Many people have pre-conceived and often incorrect ideas on the capacity and decision-making capabilities of the elderly. A good elder law attorney does not.
  • An elder law attorney is often familiar with a broader network of professionals to recommend to clients, including psychologists, social workers, healthcare providers, placement professionals, etc.
  • Elder law attorneys can help sort out and mediate family situations and disagreements. The client will always have a dedicated advocate looking out for their interests.

Glenn Matecun is one of the premier elder law attorneys in the state of Michigan. More importantly, he focuses on forming personal connections and building long-term relationships with his clients. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us and/or schedule a consultation.

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