When You Need to Update Your Estate Plan

Preparing an estate plan can be a multi-step process which, depending on its complexity, can take days, weeks, or even months to complete.  After everything is drafted, signed, executed, and in place, many people will file their estate plan away and consider their decisions settled and the matter closed.  As time passes however, there may… Read More »

Michigan Grandparent Visitation Rights

  When a family goes through divorce separation or death, everyone is impacted.  For grandparents, who once had regular contact with their grandchildren, these changes can mean no longer being able to spend time with them as before. However, there may be a legal remedy available to grandparents which can help visit their grandchildren.  … Read More »

Becoming Parents to your Grandchildren

Grandparents are often there for their grandchildren’s special events, holidays, and may even serve as regular caregivers supporting their family.  Sometimes an unexpected event such as parent’s death, incarceration, or addiction can rob children of their parents leaving grandparents to assume the parenting role.  Few grandparents expect to be raising their grandchildren.  Consequently, this change… Read More »

Do I Need to Claim the Portability Exemption?

  A married person usually has concerns about making sure that they plan for their estate in a manner which leaves their surviving spouse and beneficiaries with as much of their assets as possible.   For those couples whose own high-value assets which exceed a certain amount, the Portability Exemption could be a vital part of… Read More »

Why you need an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is an area which at first glance may appear simple.  However, the preparations you make for your estate can have long-lasting and significant legal implications for you and your loved ones.  If your estate plan is not done correctly, your family will be confronted with complicated issues during a difficult time.  Having the… Read More »