Social Security and Your Retirement Plans

Thinking about retirement can bring to mind thoughts of travel, spending time with loved ones, and devoting yourself to your favorite pastimes.  For many people, their Social Security benefit will be an important piece of funding their future.  Here are some considerations about Social Security and your retirement plans. Full Retirement Age If you have… Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Retirement Plan

The thought of retirement can bring to mind plans of relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family.  However, contemplating the future can also be a source of anxiety for people who do not feel that their retirement plan is in optimal condition.  Fortunately, no matter how close you are to retirement, there are always… Read More »

Planning for Your Pets

Pets can be as important to us as any family member.  They are there as we celebrate our lives and serve as devoted companions.  For those pet owners who are planning for their estate, there is also the consideration of how their pet will be cared for in the event of their death.  The good… Read More »

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Today it has become increasingly common for people in relationships to choose to devote themselves to one another without getting married.  While these couples may share a home and assets, the law limits their ability to inherit from one another outside of marriage.  Therefore for unmarried couples who wish their partner to inherit their property… Read More »

Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy

For seniors, regular exercise, proper nutrition, social activity, and intellectually stimulating activities can provide benefits which span from having healthier bodies with fewer visits to the doctor to being able to remain physically and mentally engaged with the world around them for many years to come.  Here are some methods of keeping your body and… Read More »

Discussing Estate Planning with Parents

Talking with your parents about their estate plans can be difficult.  While this topic may be uncomfortable, this necessary conversation can be the beginning of creating a plan which will give them peace of mind about the future and honor their wishes.  Here is some information about discussing estate planning with parents: Parent-child relationships can… Read More »

Online Scams and the Elderly

The internet has changed the way we locate information, communicate, and manage our daily affairs.  While this technology has brought us many conveniences, it has also come with its problems.  Namely, unscrupulous individuals who seek to target seniors through online scams.  By knowing the online scams being used to target the elderly, you can avoid… Read More »

Aging in Place: Ways to Stay in Your Home

Many of us have the goal of reaching a time in life when we can retire and spend our days enjoying time at home.  A term for this concept “aging in place” means that a person gets to choose to remain in their chosen residence throughout their senior years.  As time progresses, some may experience… Read More »