How to Create a Plan to Age in Place

When you think about retiring and spending time with family and friends, you probably picture yourself living in your own home.  The term for this living arrangement “aging in place” means being able to live out the rest of your life in the comfort of your own residence.  As we get older, there will be… Read More »

Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

While we all hope to remain healthy and active as we age, there is a possibility that an unforeseen medical condition or accident could limit our mobility and change our medical care needs.  While Medicare and supplemental Medicare coverage will cover some costs, these plans and policies will not pay for most long-term care services… Read More »

Retirement Savings and You

When you feel well-prepared for retirement getting ready to stop work can be an exciting time.  For those who have some catching up to do, the idea of not being employed may be more concerning.  In a perfect world, people entering their 50’s and 60’s will have dutifully saved what they need to retire comfortably…. Read More »

The Importance of Senior Wellness

It is not surprising that having good health during our senior years usually means being able to participate in a variety of enjoyable activities such as spending time with family and friends.  It can also mean being able to remain physically and mentally healthy.  For older adults prioritizing wellness through routine exercise, positive nutrition, social… Read More »

Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a term that most of us have heard and typically associate with senior health care.  It is also something that can be difficult to discern without considerable research and explanations.  One way to make the most out of your Medicare benefits is to learn more about the program and how it works. While… Read More »

What Should be in Your Will

Deciding to prepare a will is a responsible and prudent thing to do.  By setting out where you want your assets to go and how your estate should be distributed you are taking an important step which ensures that your final wishes will be honored.  To make sure your will is effective, it is also… Read More »

Reasons to Set up a Trust

When thinking about how to develop an estate plan you have probably considered devising a will which directs where your assets will go and states your final wishes concerning your estate and arrangements.  Another estate planning device which could be of significant benefit to you is a trust.  There are several different kinds of trusts… Read More »

Estate Planning as a Single Parent

When you are a single parent, your children depend on you for everything from their food and shelter to paying for their extracurricular and medical expenses.   Additionally, you serve as a primary source of love and emotional stability for your children.  While meeting their day-to-day physical and emotional needs is imperative, it is equally important… Read More »