Understanding the Michigan Probate Process

Most of us do not think about the term probate until there is a death in our lives.  This is because, in many instances, probate is the legal process which will be utilized to administer a person’s estate after they die.   While it may seem that probate is a straightforward matter, there can be complicating… Read More »

Qualifying for Medicaid

Getting ready for retirement usually means examining Medicare options, downsizing and beginning to budget with retirement funds.  One preparation which may not come to mind is paying for long-term care.  This type of care includes nursing home, hospice, and personal care services and is not covered by Medicare.  While some may have long-term care insurance… Read More »

Downsizing During Retirement

Adjusting from having your employment income to living off of your retirement funds can mean having to make significant changes to your spending habits.  However, with careful planning, you can prepare for this shift in funding source availability and cut back on unnecessary costs. One way to ensure that you have the funds you need… Read More »

Dementia Support Programs for Caregivers

Being a caregiver to a loved one with dementia requires a high degree of dedication and selflessness as well as a tremendous amount of patience.  Caring for someone with this condition can mean spending hours taking them to various appointments and keeping up with their medication and health care needs while providing a safe and… Read More »

Challenges to Conservatorship

When a person is no longer able to govern their financial interest effectively, it may be necessary for a loved one or other concerned party to ask a court to appoint a conservator to make financial decisions on their behalf.  However, in some circumstances, the person may disagree with this appointment.  Here are some important… Read More »

Improving Your Retirement Plan

Retirement is a goal for many Americans.  Ideally, after years of devoting themselves to work, an individual will be able to transition comfortably into enjoying their post-employment life.  However, to achieve this goal, it is critical that potential retirees take steps today to prepare for their future.  While you may have made some preparations, there are… Read More »