Long-Term Care Premiums Going Up, Up, Up

As a Michigan elder law and Medicaid planning attorney, I am always looking for alternatives to paying out-of-pocket for nursing home care.  One of those alternatives is long-term care insurance. For those of you who have purchased long-term care insurance, keep an eye on your mailbox  — a large premium increase may be on the way…. Read More »

Probate In Michigan – Don’t Make This Mistake

Michigan probate law is a strange creature.  Sometimes when you plan without fully understanding this creature, the result is directly opposite what you intended.  Let me tell you a sad story about “Mrs. Smith”. Mrs. Smith had four children, all of whom she loved and trusted.  One daughter, Sally, lived closer and started helping Mrs…. Read More »

Estate Planning for Second Marriages

The following was publishied in our weekly “Ask the Lawyer” column Question:  I just got remarried and both my husband and I have children from previous marriages.  I am worried that my son and daughter won’t get anything if I die first. Answer:  You must take special care to plan if you are in a… Read More »

No Change In Amount Of Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits For 2011

The Social Security Administration has announced that no cost-of-living adjustments will be made to Social Security benefits in 2011 because the consumer price index has not risen since 2008 when the last Social Security increase occurred. Like recipients of Social Security and other federal benefits, Veterans, their families and survivors will also not see a cost-of-living… Read More »

Updated Summary Of The New Tax Relief Act Of 2010

It is not yet law, but here is the most recent summary (12/10/2010) of the new tax releif act.  The source is the United States Senate Committee on Finance. Summary of Tax Relief Act For those who don’t want to read the whole 12-page summary, here are the details about the estate tax: Temporary estate,… Read More »

What The Tax Deal Means To You

Following is a link to a good summary of what the new tax deal means for you. Next step, getting the deal through Congress. What The Tax Deal Means To You Glenn Matecun Michigan Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney www.MichiganEstatePlans.com

Summary Of Middle Tax Class Act of 2010

Here is a summary of the Middle Class Tax Cut Act of 2010 released by the Senate Finance Committee Chairman.  Note that this summary only relates toestate taxes.  The full summary is available at the Finance Committee’s website at  Summary of Tax Cut Act.   At this time, this is just a proposal and is not the law —… Read More »