Trusts and Estate Planning

A trust is a legal document through which you can transfer assets before and after your death. There are four components to the trust process: Grantor- the person who creates the trust (sometimes also called a settlor or trustmaker) Trustee- the person who handles the trust before and after your death, and is responsible for… Read More »

Medicare and Home Health Care

In recent years, home health care has become an increasingly popular alternative for seniors recovering from illness or injury, and new home health care agencies continue to spring up. The main question that people ask when considering home health care is: will Medicare pay for it? The answer: it depends. It’s a common misconception that… Read More »

Nursing Homes and Patient Rights

In 1986, the Institute of Medicine conducted a study at the request of Congress to determine what kind of treatment residents of nursing homes were receiving. The study found that too many nursing home residents were being abused, neglected, and receiving inadequate care. In response, the Institute of Medicine proposed a number of reforms to… Read More »

What the Older Americans Act Can Do for You or Your Loved One

The Older Americans Act (OAA) is a federal law that promotes the well-being of Americans who are 60 years and older. It was passed in 1965 as a part of President Johnson’s Great Society reforms that included Medicare and Medicaid. The aim of the OAA is to ensure retirement income, health, housing, employment, protection from… Read More »

Elder Law, Consumer Protection, and Predatory Lending

Every year elderly Americans lose billions of dollars to fraud and other types of financial exploitation. Unfortunately, the elderly make very attractive targets for scam artists and other bad actors. They often have an income, savings, or home equity, and are generally more vulnerable to being taken advantage of than younger adults. According to the… Read More »

Common Estate Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Estate planning is not something most people are eager to talk about. However, it’s a crucial part of your financial planning, and simply making responsible life decisions in general for the sake of your family and financial legacy. Estate planning is a complex undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. It is advised to… Read More »

Living Trusts Explained

A living trust (also known as a revocable trust), is a type of trust that is established during the life of the trustor (the person who creates the trust). It can be changed, modified, or even revoked at the discretion of the trustor. One of the biggest advantages to having a living trust is to… Read More »