When a Reverse Mortgage Could be a Good Option

  In many cases, individuals entering retirement have had their home for decades during which it has not only served as a place to live and raise their family but also as an asset which has gone up considerably in values.   Although having such a valuable asset is a good thing, it is often the… Read More »

Planning for the Family Vacation Home

For some fortunate individuals, beloved vacation destinations have resulted in the purchase of a family vacation home.  Over the years, the home becomes a special retreat where you and your family have celebrated countless milestones and created priceless memories.  However, as you plan for the future, you will have to make decisions regarding the vacation… Read More »

Choosing Between Hospice and a Nursing Home

When someone you love is approaching their final days, it is devastating and hard to fully comprehend.  Often families are left reeling from this heartbreaking reality only to be faced with the difficult choice of having to decide between nursing home care for their loved one, hospice at home, or a hospice care facility.  Choosing… Read More »

How to Appeal a Medicare Advantage Plan Decision

The managed care model of health insurance seeks to keep their expenses low by limiting the providers a patient may see and the types of treatment it will cover.  At times, this is a frustrating for patients and sometimes keeps them from the most appropriate care.  Medicare Advantage operates under a similar model and can… Read More »

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to enter into their senior years with few medical issues.  However, everyone is somewhere in the aging process and therefore headed towards a time when they may need assistance taking care of themselves.  With the rising costs of healthcare and the increased expense related to the care… Read More »