How to Qualify for Medicaid Without Losing your Home or Life Savings

Medical coverage will probably become increasingly important for those who are entering their retirement years.  For many seniors, Medicare helps pay for their standard medical expenses.  This coverage, however, does not extend to certain kinds of necessary long-term care.  Under these circumstances, individuals 65 and older often turn to Medicaid in order to pay for… Read More »

When to Start Estate Planning

For many people, estate planning seems like something that should happen in the distant future.  This perception may be especially true for young adults who believe estate planning is more appropriate for older individuals.  Likewise, people who do not have significant estates or do not have small children may think that estate planning is not… Read More »

Ways to Support Aging Parents

As our parents enter their senior years they are often faced with the physical, mental, and financial changes which accompany aging and their circumstances.  In some cases, aging parents may need help from their adult children in order to manage these challenges.  Fortunately, there are numerous ways adult children can provide support for their senior… Read More »

Signs That it is Time to Challenge a Will

The loss of a loved one can be a devastating experience.  Often the bereaved family is left to plan for their loved one’s funeral and then must face the complicated process of probating their estate.  While this burden can often be lessened by the presence of a will, sometimes the family is dealt an additional… Read More »

When to Update Your Will

For many people, sitting down to create a will can be a complicated process which involves reviewing drafts of the will document and taking specific steps to make sure it properly signed and witnessed.  Often, once the will has finally been properly executed and copies are secured, the person who created the document will consider… Read More »

Irrevocable Trust: How do they work and how can they be used?

When creating a trust, an important distinction is whether the trust will be revocable or irrevocable.  In fact, this determination can have broad-reaching tax consequences and legal ramifications.  In many cases, a properly created irrevocable trust will offer the benefit of tax savings and protection from creditors.  However, in order to benefit from an irrevocable… Read More »


Financial Exploitation: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

Each year, millions of seniors are financially exploited.  This exploitation sometimes comes through email, internet, or telephone solicitations or through complex schemes were the victim is tricked into sending money to help an allegedly incapacitated loved one. Another common form of exploitation is when a paid caregiver either steals from their client or manipulates their… Read More »