A Memorial Day Tribute. . .

The story goes that an unnamed World War II soldier wrote a prayer to St. Peter on the wall of his hospital room. Singer Edwin McCain took that prayer and put it to music.  It is a beautiful tribute to all our fallen service members this Memorial Day. Let them love Peter, For they’ve had… Read More »

A Tribute to Mom

My mother passed away on July 31. It was sudden, unexpected. We had no opportunity to say our last goodbyes. Or for me to say, one last time, “I love you, Mom.” As I was rummaging through photographs for her funeral, I came across an old class photo. I was surrounded by kids dressed in… Read More »

4 Rules for Guilt-Free Photo Downsizing

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’ve started to downsize, then you’ve likely grappled with the difficult task of getting rid of photos. After decades of life, how are you supposed to choose which memories are important enough to keep and which aren’t? These four rules can help make this daunting task… Read More »

Enjoying the Summer Sun

The past month has been incredibly busy as we work to get our office back up to speed. We’re all excited to be fully open once again and to return to having face-to-face meetings. Of course, we’re continuing to take all manner of precautions as we welcome people back into the office, as the health… Read More »