Choosing the Right Elder Law Attorney

Choosing an attorney for any service is an important decision.  After taking the time to carefully evaluate and select counsel, you put faith in them to handle matters which can affect you and your family for many years to come.  For those seeking to hire an Elder Law attorney, it is not only important that… Read More »

Contesting a Trust

For some, creating a trust is a valuable and important piece of their financial and estate plans.  By placing estate assets into a trust, the creator of the trust can be sure that their assets will be able to benefit certain specifically named trust beneficiaries.  Ideally, the trust will have been created in a manner… Read More »

Care giving and Dementia

When someone you care about is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, the matter of their care today and in the future becomes a central priority.  Depending on their level of need, your loved one may be able to remain in their home.  Under other circumstances, the person may require care in a… Read More »

What is an Annuity Trust?

A goal of estate planning is to protect assets while minimizing taxation.  For people who own income-producing assets, a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust, or GRAT can be an option for transferring wealth while still receiving income from those assets, and reducing taxes owed by their beneficiaries. What is a GRAT? A GRAT is an irrevocable… Read More »

What is a Michigan Domestic Asset Protection Trust?

A concern of anyone with creditors is that something may happen in their lives or to their business which will leave their personal assets depleted.  Until recently, Michigan residents did not have many ways to protect themselves from such an occurrence.  However, recently Michigan joined a growing number of states which allows domestic asset protection… Read More »

What is a Legacy Trust?

As people are preparing their estate plans, it is often the case they want to leave wealth to their loved ones.  In some fortunate cases, the person has adequate resources in their estate to set up a trust which will benefit their family for generations to come.  For people seeking to keep their assets in… Read More »