Contrary to popular belief, estate planning is an ongoing process. As your needs change, so should your plan. Updates may be required due to:

  • Family changes such as the birth of a child or grandchild, marriage, or divorce
  • An increase or decrease in annual income
  • Changes in assets
  • Residency changes
  • Health changes
  • Tax law changes

Our Lifetime Care Plan streamlines the process of updating your estate plan and ensures it works in the way you intended.

Benefits of Membership in Our Lifetime Care Plan

Members of our Lifetime Care Plan receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Annual estate planning checkup. Our yearly telephone conference will help you determine whether updates or changes to your plan are necessary.
  • Free estate plan updates. Our firm will provide free minor estate plan updates for items such as changing your trustee or agents under your power of attorney. Updated trust funding, including making sure that any new real property, bank accounts, financial accounts, etc., are in your trust, is also included.
  • Information at your fingertips. Get the peace of mind you deserve with 24/7 access to your patient advocate designation and HIPAA authorization through DocuBank, members-only educational seminars, telephone calls on any legal issue free of charge, and assistance with finding the right attorney for any legal matter our firm doesn’t handle.
  • Family meetings. We’ll facilitate a family vision meeting that allows you to meet with your children and other loved ones to explain your plan and help them understand how it works. Upon your incapacity or passing, we’ll organize a family care meeting with your children or other loved ones to discuss how your plan works and how to proceed.
  • Valuable discounts. Members receive a 20% discount for any trust administration services after their incapacity or passing, as well as a 20% discount for the preparation of a comprehensive estate plan for their family members.
  • Special services for young adults. We know you want to set the next generation up for success, which is why we give offer a free of charge college planning package for any of your college-age children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren that includes a basic durable power of attorney and patient advocate designation.

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