We are following the news about Coronavirus and a second burst of the traditional flu that’s impacting people in our community.

While we don’t believe that anyone should panic, we do want to encourage those with older loved ones or loved ones with weakened immune systems to be prepared.

The CDC is encouraging everyone to have extra food and supplies on hand, in the event of sudden closures or quarantines. Please take the time to check on any seniors or people in your life who are ill/disabled to see if they need help getting things together. Key items to gather include:

  • Prescriptions and any over-the-counter medications
  • Those with breathing problems should ensure that any devices they use (nebulizer, oxygen) are working properly and they have enough medication on hand to power any devices.
  • A two-week supply of food
  • Drinks with electrolytes in the event the flu or another illness is contracted
  • Nutrition drinks such as Ensure for seniors
  • Lysol, disinfecting agents, and anti-bacterial soap
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Pet food for at least two weeks
  • Adult diapers, feminine products, and any other necessary supplies

Finally, it’s a wise idea to make copies of your loved one’s insurance cards and make sure that you can put your hands on any financial Power of Attorney or Patient Advocate Designation (medical directives) that would allow you to legally communicate with doctors and make financial and medical decisions on your loved one’s behalf.

And — if you do not have your legal plan in place to deal with financial and medical incapacity, get it in place as soon as possible.  You don’t want to be caught in an emergency situation having to go to probate court and ask a judge for help.

Here’s to your family’s health. . .

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