Our goals for you in preparing your estate plan include achieving peace of mind and making sure your plan works exactly how you intended. There is a famous old quote, “The only thing constant in life is change.” In addition to changes in the law and legal strategies, your family, your finances and your health will change over the years. That’s why we are pleased to offer clients our 14-Point Lifetime Care Plan. This program of regular auditing, education, updating and special benefits will lead to a closer relationship with our firm and ensure that your estate plan works the way you intended.

Members of our Lifetime Care Plan receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • No Probate Guarantee
  • 24/7 Access to your Patient Advocate Designation and HIPAA Authorization through DocuBank
  • Family Vision Meeting with you, your children and other loved ones to explain your plan and help them understand how it works
  • Family Care Meeting (with your children or other loved ones upon your incapacity or passing, to discuss how your plan works, put your Successor Trustee in charge, and discuss how to proceed)
  • Trustee Handbook to explain to your Successor Trustee what needs to be done if you are incapacitated or after you are gone
  • Annual Estate Planning Check-Up (telephone conference to determine whether updates or changes to your plan are necessary)
  • Free of charge minor Estate Plan Updates (for example, changing your Trustee, Beneficiary, or Agents under your power of attorney)
  • Free of charge Updated Trust Funding (making sure that any new real property, bank accounts, financial accounts, etc., are in your trust)
  • Free of charge College Planning Package for any of your college-age children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. An 18 year-old is an adult under the law and should have a basic Durable Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate Designation.
  • Members-Only Seminars and Events to keep you updated on the latest and greatest changes in the law and new legal strategies
  • Telephone calls on any legal issue free of charge
  • 20% Discount for any Trust Administration Services after your incapacity or passing
  • 20% Discount for preparation of a comprehensive estate plan for your family members
  • Consultation and assistance with finding the right attorney for any other legal matter. We want to be your trusted advisor for life.