The Duties of a Conservator

  When someone experiences impaired cognitive functioning, it can interfere with multiple aspects of their lives.  One area that this can have a particularly destructive impact on is their finances.  In some cases, the individual’s condition may be so severe as to warrant legal intervention to protect their funds and property.  In such a situation,… Read More »

Challenges to Conservatorship

When a person is no longer able to govern their financial interest effectively, it may be necessary for a loved one or other concerned party to ask a court to appoint a conservator to make financial decisions on their behalf.  However, in some circumstances, the person may disagree with this appointment.  Here are some important… Read More »

Challenging Conservatorship

When a person experiences cognitive impairment due to a medical or mental health disorder, injury, or disease, it can have a profound impact on their daily life.  Under some circumstances, the person’s condition may be so severe that it is questionable if they can effectively manage their finances.  In this situation, it may be necessary… Read More »

Preparing for Incapacity

Preparing for Incapacity

No one is fully prepared to hear that their mental capacity is declining.  Depending on when a physician is consulted it may be that the patient is in the early stages of a mentally debilitating condition or their illness may be more advanced.  For others, it may be that their mental health is not diminished,… Read More »