Challenging Guardianship

When an individual is no longer able to take care of their basic needs, it may be necessary for a loved one or other concerned party to ask a court to appoint a guardian to make decisions on their behalf.  Situations can arise, however, where a proposed ward disagrees and wishes to challenge this appointment. … Read More »

Special Needs Planning and Mental Health Issues

Parents of children with complex psychiatric needs are often tasked with addressing their child’s medical and educational issues while providing a supportive family environment.  In some cases, the child’s mental health needs will extend into adulthood and inhibit their ability to provide for themselves.  As caregiving parents age, it is often necessary to have measures… Read More »

Supported Decision-Making v. Guardianship

As adults, we value our ability to make our own decisions about where we live, who provides our medical care, and how we want our treatment to be managed by our healthcare providers.   However, life circumstances may occur which can interfere with a person being able to make these choices independently. For instance, it may… Read More »

Becoming Your Parent’s Guardian

Sometimes as parents age there can be issues with their cognitive functioning which are so pervasive that they are no longer able to fully or adequately care for themselves.  This leaves adult children in the unenviable position of having to reverse roles with their parent and take on responsibility for their personal care decisions.  In… Read More »

Challenging Conservatorship

When a person experiences cognitive impairment due to a medical or mental health disorder, injury, or disease, it can have a profound impact on their daily life.  Under some circumstances, the person’s condition may be so severe that it is questionable if they can effectively manage their finances.  In this situation, it may be necessary… Read More »

Supporting Primary Caregivers

Taking care of another person’s needs can be challenging under any circumstances.  Often when an elderly loved one needs care due to changes in their mental or physical health and wishes to remain in the home, the caregiving role is taken on by their family.  Providing this kind of care on a full-time basis can… Read More »

Preparing for Incapacity

Preparing for Incapacity

No one is fully prepared to hear that their mental capacity is declining.  Depending on when a physician is consulted it may be that the patient is in the early stages of a mentally debilitating condition or their illness may be more advanced.  For others, it may be that their mental health is not diminished,… Read More »

Veteran Aid & Attendance Benefits

Today millions of Americans are veterans, and many of these service individuals and their family members are recipients of a Veteran Administration (VA) Pension.  What these individuals may not realize is that for those veterans and their survivors who require personal care services or are housebound, they may be eligible for an additional monetary benefit… Read More »