Another Side of the Story: Terri Schiavo’s Brother Speaks Out

Terri Schiavo was the subject of one of the nation’s most famous and divisive end-of-life cases.   Bobby Schindler is her brother, and he is the president of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network.   Schindler recently joined Rebecca A. Hobbs of ElderLawAnsers to tell his sister’s story.   Terri Schiavo was only 26… Read More »

Understanding Hospice Care

Witnessing someone you love suffer as they succumb to illness or disease is emotionally devastating.  Although you may be aware of the prognosis, it can be difficult to envision what your loved one will experience during his or her final days.  The term hospice care usually surfaces in this situation, but not everyone knows what… Read More »

What is Supported Decision Making?

When someone has a physical or mental condition which interferes with his or her ability to make decisions, it can be difficult.  While fostering an individual’s independent choices is important it is also vital that he or she receives the care they need. One option is to ask that another person be appointed as the… Read More »

Estate Planning as a Single Parent

When you are a single parent, your children depend on you for everything from their food and shelter to paying for their extracurricular and medical expenses.   Additionally, you serve as a primary source of love and emotional stability for your children.  While meeting their day-to-day physical and emotional needs is imperative, it is equally important… Read More »

Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefits

Today veterans across the country receive different benefits through the Veteran’s Administration (VA).  What they may not know is that senior veterans, those who require home health services, house or bedbound individuals, veterans residing in an assisted living environments, and veterans with blindness may also be entitled to an added financial benefit to pay for… Read More »

Special Needs Trust Planning

Planning for the future of a child or another loved one with a severe disability often requires family members to become well versed in different government benefit programs. When the individual’s disability is expected to prevent them from working or being able to fully support themselves as an adult, these public resources can be of… Read More »

The Duties of a Conservator

  When someone experiences impaired cognitive functioning, it can interfere with multiple aspects of their lives.  One area that this can have a particularly destructive impact on is their finances.  In some cases, the individual’s condition may be so severe as to warrant legal intervention to protect their funds and property.  In such a situation,… Read More »

The Duties of a Guardian

When an individual is no longer able to care for their personal needs or make medical decisions, it may be necessary to have a guardian appointed to take over these responsibilities.  Taking on the guardian role is a serious undertaking and the person serving in this capacity will have specific duties to the individual. What… Read More »