Another Side of the Story: Terri Schiavo’s Brother Speaks Out

Terri Schiavo was the subject of one of the nation’s most famous and divisive end-of-life cases.   Bobby Schindler is her brother, and he is the president of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network.   Schindler recently joined Rebecca A. Hobbs of ElderLawAnsers to tell his sister’s story.   Terri Schiavo was only 26… Read More »

Preparing Your Family For the Future

Developing an estate plan is a crucial part of preparing for the future. But it’s not just your future you’re planning for; it’s the future of your family, your legacy, and beyond. Unfortunately for many families, estate planning is often something that gets sidelined. People don’t want to have frank discussions about the future, including… Read More »

Creating an Ironclad Will

Your last will and testament or “will” is a part of your estate plan which permits you set out the way in which you want your property to be distributed and have other matters handled when you pass away.  Ideally, what you have said in your will is going to be easily understood and accepted… Read More »

Understanding the Michigan Probate Process

Most of us do not think about the term probate until there is a death in our lives.  This is because, in many instances, probate is the legal process which will be utilized to administer a person’s estate after they die.   While it may seem that probate is a straightforward matter, there can be complicating… Read More »

What Happens to Debt After Death?

As many of us go through life, we will acquire and pay debt.  For most, having a car loan or home mortgage is the product of secured debt which allows the debtor to use the asset while paying a lender.  It is also common for people to have unsecured debt such as a credit card… Read More »

Avoiding Probate

When you hear the term probate chances are it brings to mind an experience which you or someone you know has had while going through this process.  Often, people who go through probate find it to be cumbersome, lengthy, and expensive.  For these reasons, many people would choose to avoid having to go through probate… Read More »

When to Update Your Will

For many people, sitting down to create a will can be a complicated process which involves reviewing drafts of the will document and taking specific steps to make sure it properly signed and witnessed.  Often, once the will has finally been properly executed and copies are secured, the person who created the document will consider… Read More »

The Probate Process

Probate is a term that most people have heard at one time or another but may not know what the term means.  This common legal process is utilized by courts all over the country to administer a person’s estate when they die. Understanding the probate process in advance of being subjected to it will make… Read More »