Why you need an Estate Planning AttorneyEstate planning is an area which at first glance may appear simple.  However, the preparations you make for your estate can have long-lasting and significant legal implications for you and your loved ones.  If your estate plan is not done correctly, your family will be confronted with complicated issues during a difficult time.  Having the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney is critical to ensuring your final wishes are honored, and your assets and loved ones are protected.

These Are Legally Binding Decisions

It is essential to remember that estate law is a complex area with precise rules and requirements. One of the most important reasons for having an estate planning attorney is to prepare your will, trust and other planning instruments for you in a manner which complies with Michigan law.  Without adequate counsel, your estate planning documents may exclude critical planning techniques which could result in your plan not working the way you think it will.  Further, you want to consult with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney who can help you anticipate issues and identify the right legal strategies to protect you and your family.

You Want Your Plan to Be Effective

Preparing for your estate involves more than drafting a will or trust.  Does your plan require you to go through the long, expensive probate process?  Is your plan set up to take advantage of all of the tax laws, so your beneficiaries receive the greatest amount possible?  Does your plan property deal with your incapacity so that strategies are available to protect your home and life savings from the devastating costs of nursing homes and other long-term care?  Will your plan protect your son from his creditors?  Your daughter from her divorce?

We are seeing more clients try to punch their information into a computer and print “form documents” (they are just standard forms, right?  WRONG.).  Every person, every family, is different and requires a plan specific to his or her specific situation.  Your estate plan not only affects you. How you plan affects your children, grandchildren, and on-and-on through future generations.  Give your estate plan the attention it deserves.

We understand the issues involved in planning for the future of your estate and can help you examine your options and protect you and your family.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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