Why You Need a Certified Elder Law AttorneyWhen someone facing a medical procedure is looking for a physician, they often seek someone who is an expert in their area with years of experience.  Likewise, when a person finds themselves in need of an attorney, they will usually seek a specialist who is experienced and well-versed in their area of the law.  For those needing an elder law attorney, they will want an attorney who not only understands this complex legal area but also the issues which have to be managed by today’s seniors.  By having a Certified Elder Law Attorney at your side, you can help assure that all of your needs are addressed by someone who has the experience and knowledge you require.

When an attorney is “certified” in an area of practice this means that they have extensive experience in their area of the law, have excelled in their practice, have undergone specialized training, and have passed examinations which are exclusively about this subject matter.   When an attorney is certified in elder law, this means that they have a great deal of experience in a complicated area and have demonstrated mastery and excellence in representing seniors.

Elder law is a multi-faceted and complex legal area which ordinarily involves several different bodies of law.  In many cases, a person needing an elder law attorney will require guidance and expertise from their counsel on matters such as Medicaid and Medicare planning, incapacitation, guardianship, conservatorship, estate and long-term care planning, as well as trust and tax issues.   Each of these legal areas is governed by a distinct set of laws.  Someone certified in Elder Law is knowledgeable about them and can provide you with comprehensive advice about how the laws will apply to your circumstances.

Another consideration is that Elder Law is an intricate area which is under both federal and State law.  As such, the laws pertaining to seniors frequently change at both the federal and State law levels.  A Certified Elder Law Attorney is equipped to understand the changes in the laws and can help you determine how they may affect you today and in the future.

Hiring an attorney for any matter is no small undertaking. In the end, the Elder Law attorney you decide to hire should be an expert in their field with the demonstrated experience and training to handle all of your legal needs.  By choosing a Certified Elder Law Attorney, you are taking action to ensure that all of your elder law needs are not only covered but are met with the high quality of representation you deserve.

Glenn Matecun is a Certified Elder Law Attorney with the expertise and experience you need to protect your interest and plan for the future.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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