Managing FinancesDifficulty managing one’s own finances is one of the most common struggles encountered during the aging process. Whether it’s falling behind on bills, getting caught up in a questionable marketing scheme, or picking up a gambling habit, these new risky fiscal decisions can be alarming.

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have published a report explaining this financial instability in new terms. They refer to the tendency for older adults to be put at risk of loss of resources as, “age-associated financial vulnerability.”

Factors such as medical side effects, an aging brain, and even social isolation can contribute to age-associated financial vulnerability. Someone who is lonely may have a desire to connect with others, even if that means talking to someone dishonest or a salesperson on the phone. They may also lack the guidance of friends or family members who would otherwise step in to help.

Read more about identifying and preventing age-associated financial vulnerability by clicking this link.

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