Millions of brave men and women serve in the armed forces in this country.  After their service, many may be eligible to receive benefits from the Veteran’s Administration (VA).  However, frequently veterans are unaware of the benefits they may be eligible to receive after their service.  This can be especially true for those who have suffered an injury and are left with a disability and for elderly veterans who are experiencing medical conditions.Va Benefits Application in Michigan

Fortunately, there are many VA benefits available to these former service members, which can help provide them with the assistance and care they may need. With so many available benefits it can become overwhelming and confusing to try and determine your eligibility.  This can be particularly true if you are facing a severely debilitating condition or a significant medical issue.  However, if you are a veteran, it is well worth the time to look into VA benefits and determine your eligibility.

The VA, or Department of Veteran’s Affairs, is a federal agency that provides benefits to veterans. This agency offers a host of benefits to veterans, such as housing, vocational and educational assistance, mental health programs, and substance abuse treatment services. VA pension benefits are also available to veterans over 65 who qualify through their service and level of disability. 

Aid and Attendance benefits are available to provide qualifying veterans with an additional monthly pension to pay for certain services for physical or mental conditions either within their home or assisted living facility.

The VA can assist disabled veterans in seeking funds to purchase or adapt a vehicle to accommodate their condition. There is also an annual clothing allowance available for disabled veterans to buy any specialized clothing they require.  

Disabled veterans also may be eligible to obtain life insurance coverage and in some cases, may not have to pay a premium. There is also a program that provides disabled veterans with mortgage life insurance protection.

Understanding these benefits and VA compensation can be complicated.  Therefore, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney to understand these benefits and how they apply to you. Both Glenn Matecun and Monika Burrell are Accredited Attorneys by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  We understand veteran benefits and pensions and can help you contemplate all of your choices to help make informed decisions.  We also have a Preliminary Qualification Worksheet to determine whether you or a loved one may qualify for Veterans benefits. Please contact us online or by phone if you would like our free Preliminary Qualification Worksheet or if we may be of other assistance.

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