Travel Tips for SeniorsReaching your retirement years can be a time when you have the freedom to travel and enjoy exploring new destinations.  You may want to take these trips with a spouse, a group of people, or on your own.  The good news is that whatever your preference, today’s seniors have several appealing travel options available to them.  Here are some travel tips which may be helpful as you plan your next trip:

Look for Senior Discounts

Organizations such as AARP and AAA are just a couple of the many companies and associations which offer discounted travel packages and rates for seniors.  Further, for those traveling abroad, several countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Norway, and England offer discounted railway passage to individuals age 60 and up.   It is well worth your time to research the myriad of available discounts when planning your vacation to find out what savings are available.

Travel Insurance

For seniors, travel insurance can be a wise investment.  It is not always possible to foresee medical complications and whether the requisite care options will be available at your destination.  Your coverage should include things such as trip cancellation, preexisting condition, which may include purchasing a waiver, stolen luggage or belongings, medical emergency care including evacuation if necessary, and emergency assistance.  Be sure to read the fine print on any proposed coverage and make sure it is comprehensive enough to meet your needs.


Being retired affords you the luxury of scheduling your travel throughout the year.  Plan to travel during optimum weather conditions and when the crowds will be lower at popular destinations.  These may also be less expensive times of year to travel.  Consult travel guides to determine the best time of year to experience your trip.  There are also numerous online resources which can help you determine when destinations will be the most populated and expensive.


For those planning to travel abroad or for an extended period of time, it will be a lot easier on you in the long run if you pack lighter.  Depending on your plans you may have to manage your luggage between destinations which can be burdensome and exhausting.  Certainly, bring what you believe to be essential but remember that having less will make transporting your belongings less of a struggle.  When packing, consider your modes of transportation and how many times you expect to have to move your luggage as well as what kind of assistance may be available to you.

Senior Group Travel Packages

Some seniors want to enjoy exotic destinations but would prefer to do so with a group and according to a structured travel plan. Several companies offer group travel packages for seniors.  Travel programs which are specialized for seniors tend to provide companionship for those who wish to travel with others in the same age group and are often better equipped to handle mobility, medical, and nutritional needs of their clients.

Preparing for retirement is a key component to having the means to travel. A critical part of planning for this time is getting your estate in order and making sure your retirement planning is on track.  We have experience helping people plan for their retirement and estates and can help you be ready for the future.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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