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Visiting the salon can be an important ritual in a person’s life. It helps us to feel attractive, clean, and pampered. Those minutes or hours spent in that styling chair can also be therapeutic, as we tell all to our stylist. But what happens to those living in care homes, unable to make the trip out to the salon to maintain their appearance?

Researchers from Manchester, England were interested in that very question. They found that dementia patients who were able to visit the salon had more vivid memories, brought on by the familiar scents and experience. According to The Guardian, another reason that the hair salon is so effective at stirring memories is the close relationships that hair stylists often have with their clients. The stylists can remember stories they have been told and can remind the clients of forgotten details.

The ability for those with dementia to keep up their appearance is also important for their sense of identity and dignity. Maintaining the same hairstyle as the one they had before entering a nursing home can help a person feel like his or herself. A developer of salon care mentioned that it is important to keep in mind each person’s individual desires: “If they have always worn makeup, then having their makeup done will be important. It’s about what they want to do because not everything is for everyone.”

This new form of in-home styling has been created to provide a therapeutic service to dementia patients living in homes. Lily Pins, a U.K. based styling company brings stylists, who are also trained in care work, to create “pop-up” salons inside nursing homes. It is also becoming more common for care homes to provide salon services to their residences.

Read more about Lily Pins and the effect of grooming and beauty on dementia patients here.

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