Senior Safety Travel Tips for the Holidays

The holidays can be a festive and joyful time when family members travel to see one another.  For seniors, this can mean driving or flying long distances to see grandchildren and other loved ones. With all the activity this time of year, there could be an accident.  The good news is that by practicing care while traveling, you can arrive safely and enjoy celebrating with friends and family.

Drive Defensively

During the season, the roads can be crowded with impatient and distracted drivers who are not used to area conditions or traffic patterns.  While it is always a good idea to drive defensively, making an extra effort to do under these circumstances can help keep you safe.  Be on the lookout for hazards such as drivers making sudden transitions without signaling or drifting into another lane.  If you are driving on an unfamiliar road, be sure you are going the speed limit and get out of the way of faster vehicles.  You should also avoid driving in bad weather and, if you are on the road, watch for dangerous conditions such as icy roadways.

Travel During the Day

Driving to a holiday destination may require you to take highways and rural roads which are new to you.  It is much easier to see potential hazards and other cars in the daylight.  You are also more likely to be alert and more aware of your surroundings earlier in the day. Additionally, this is a time of year when people can have too much to drink before getting behind the wheel.  Drunk driving accidents are more likely to occur at night.  Therefore, it’s safer to be off the road when there is an increased risk of having a collision with an inebriated driver. 

Be Careful Lifting

Whether you are traveling by airplane or car, you will have some baggage to carry with you and may even be managing boxes of gifts.  When you are not used to picking up heavy luggage or bulky packages it can be easy to forget proper lifting techniques.  If you lift even the lightest bag or box wrong, you could hurt your back in a way which will keep you from being able to travel or spend time enjoying the holidays comfortably.  Be sure you ask for help with these items or if you need to pick up something, use your legs and not your back when lifting. 

Watch Your Step

Traveling usually involves walking back and forth as you load the car or briskly move through an airport.  If you are outside, watch for wet or icy patches and step carefully.  While moving through a crowded area, be mindful of others and their luggage to avoid tripping and falling.  Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going so that you don’t feel the need to rush.

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season. We also welcome you to come in to visit about your estate planning needs for the new year.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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