A big part of estate planning is choosing the executor of your will. This person will be responsible for administering your estate after your death. The person you choose for this job should be trustworthy and dependable. Here are few tips for choosing the right executor for your will.

Keep Family in Mind

It is usually best to choose a blood relative as the executor of your will. A family member will likely know you well and be well aware of your wishes. Before appointing a family member as the executor of your will, take his or her age and health into account. If he or she is elderly or in poor health, he or she might not be around to administer your estate upon your death.

Choose Someone Who Is Responsible

Handling an estate is a big responsibility, so you will want to choose someone reliable. He or she should be good at meeting deadlines and be thorough with all tasks.

Pick Someone Who Lives Nearby

It is in your best interest to choose a person who lives in the same state as you. Your state might not even allow someone to serve as executor if he or she lives in a different state.

Consider a Professional Fiduciary Company

If you do not feel comfortable naming a friend or relative as the executor of your will, you may want to consider having a professional fiduciary company take over your estate. These companies know how to properly handle estates and will likely do it for a fee set by the state.

Remember to Ask

It is never a good idea to name a person the executor of your will before asking him or her for permission. It is a big responsibility and not everyone is ready for the job. When bringing up the topic, tell him or her what the job entails and explain all the important details of your estate plan, such as where you keep your will. You will want to make sure this person understands what it takes to be an executor before he or she accepts the job.

If you have more questions about naming an executor of your will, you may want to contact a lawyer, like a Will lawyer Sacramento CA trusts today. He or she can provide you with additional information and help you make the right decisions regarding your estate plan.

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