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Aging Wisdom blogger, Jim Waun, recently penned a post comparing his experience in a retirement home to that of his father’s. He shared his father’s frustration with feeling unstimulated and even bored at his home. A ceaseless series of card games, scheduled forced interactions, and repetitive exercise classes create an image that would have anyone shuddering. Thankfully, for Jim and the rest of us, our experience of retirement and retirement communities has come a long way.

Jim praised his retirement community, a non-profit housing and healthcare community that was developed as part of Michigan State University. Jim wrote: “A high point here for me is attending a lecture/film series presented by 88 year old retired MSU professor, Gordon Rohman. The current series is on classic books, their authors, and films that have been made of them.”

There are many other retirement communities that coexist with universities, and offer even more lifelong education opportunities. Some allow members to audit university classes and have access to the school’s libraries, functions, and amenities. One community, Lasell Village in Massachusetts, requires residents to complete 450 hours of learning and fitness activity each year as a condition of residency. If not in the classroom, residents can mentor students, help campus organizations, and log their independent study as part of their activity hours. Oak Hammock, a retirement community at the University of Florida, provides residents with discounted access to campus cafeterias, concerts and art programs, and sporting games.

These university slash retirement communities ensure lifelong learning and a myriad of cultural experiences. See a list of retirement communities with university ties and read more about them here.

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