Many people believe that they must “go broke” in order to qualify for assistance with nursing home care.

Government assistance programs are confusing and lead many people to believe that they will have to give up their house or lose most of their life savings in order to pay for nursing home costs.Howell Senior Nursing Home Resident

Glenn Matecun is an Elder Care & Nursing Home Planning Attorney in Michigan who helps clients solve the Long-Term Care Puzzle without going broke. Call for a free consultation.

Don’t Go Broke Paying For Nursing Home Costs

Some of the fears facing seniors and their families who are facing nursing home costs are…

  • That they must lose their home to qualify for assistance.
  • That they must spend all their money to qualify for assistance.
  • That they will be penalized for giving away assets.
  • Children of seniors are concerned that they will lose most of their inheritance to afford their parent’s long-term care costs.
  • Spouses of seniors in the nursing home are worried that they will lose their life savings.

Glenn Matecun | Michigan Elder Care Lawyer (517) 548-7400

Glenn Matecun deals with these issues on a daily basis and has helped many seniors and their families protect their home and assets from rising elder care costs.

Mr. Matecun can help you navigate the government plans that are in place to help seniors and their families pay for long-term care.

Mr. Matecun has been able to help many clients…

  • Protect 100% (yes, ALL) of a healthy spouse’s assets when their husband or wife enters a nursing home.
  • Protect 50% to 75% or more of the assets of a single person who enters a nursing home.
  • Protect assets by moving them into a Trust for the “Five Year Look Back” period.

There Are Several Nursing Home Planning Options Available

If you are currently facing long-term care costs, or just want to pre-plan for your long term care needs, Mr. Matecun offers a free consultation to help you decide on your best course of action. Call now (517) 548-7400.


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