Michigan Dog on Hospice

Three years ago, Kim Skarritt created Silver Muzzle Cottage in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Silver Muzzle is a rescue and hospice care center for homeless senior dogs. Its aim is to rescue older dogs from shelters and place them with forever homes, but it also provides a homey environment for ailing dogs to live out their last days free of cages and full of happiness.

Skarritt was motivated to start helping dogs after hearing story upon story of dogs being neglected once reaching old age and suddenly needing extra care. Many of the dogs Silver Muzzle Cottage takes in were given up because of health problems and expensive vet bills or were left homeless after their owners passed away.

Watch a video of the dogs and learn more about Silver Muzzle Cottage by clicking here. See the dogs at Silver Muzzle Cottage who need a home on their Facebook page, here.

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