Seniors are often faced with an overwhelming amount of information when it comes to their healthcare benefit options.  With all of these choices, it is easy for people to get confused and to miss out on many valuable benefits and services.  In Michigan, the Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) serves as an important resource which can help seniors and caregivers understand their healthcare choices.

The MMAP is a free health service counseling program which is grant-funded through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Medicare agency, and a grant from the Administration on Aging.  This program is available to Michigan seniors and is offered at several locations across the state.  The MMAP program has specially trained healthcare counselors who are available to consult with Michigan seniors.  The counselors are trained and knowledgeable about Medicare, Medicaid, relevant insurance products, and other healthcare and prescription drug benefit options.   Their purpose is to be purely informational.  As such they are not are not permitted to sell anyone insurance and can offer unbiased advice on different public benefits and health insurance issues.

The MMAP counseling service program offers seniors a host of services.  For instance, consulting with an MMAP counselor can be helpful to someone attempting to identify resources for prescription drug assistance, understanding the Medicare and Medicaid programs and their eligibility, and examining letters and bills from health providers.  These counseling services can also be useful in helping a consumer examine their Medicare supplemental insurance or “Medigap” options as well as looking into long-term care insurance policies.  They can also help you determine your eligibility and help you enroll in Medicare Savings Programs.  MMAP counselors are also available to give group presentations on a variety of subjects such as Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap coverage, long-term care insurance, Medicare Advantage options, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

The MMAP program can be an essential resource for seniors as they seek to understand their healthcare options and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different programs which may be available to them.  By utilizing these services, Michigan seniors will be in a better position of making informed choices about their care.

We understand the issues faced by today’s seniors and their families and can provide insight and advice to help you look into community resources.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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