Joseph Coughlin, director of MIT Agelab, a “multidisciplinary research program that works with business, government, and NGOs to improve the quality of life of older people and those who care for them,” has created an imaginative, interactive map of his vision for the future of retirement living. With spaces for “drone delivery,” intergenerational learning centers, and 3D printing stops, this community seems to be technologically savvy, exciting, and extremely convenient. Take a look at the map here, or by clicking the image below.

Coughlin’s community sounds like a wonderful city for people of all ages to live in. He writes: “Accessibility requires that there be wide sidewalks that are easily traversed by foot, scooter or wheelchair. There should be a range of convenient public, private, and volunteer transportation alternatives that can take you to get an ice cream cone when you want it, not just a ride to the doctor’s office when you need it…”

Paul Burstow of The Guardian also considered the idea of nontraditional care facilities. He examined one care home that boasted a spa, a cycle track with tandem bikes, shops with fresh produce, a hair salon, and a movie theater.

What do you think of these proposed towns and what would you add to your own ideal community?

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