I generally don’t watch the news. Too much focus on all things downbeat, destructive and depressing. That’s just not for me.

But as I was flipping through TV channels last week, I stopped to learn more about the sickening school shooting in Parkland, Florida. These young, innocent children went to school in the morning, maybe thinking about an exam, college applications, band practice, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a dance recital. Then, chaos and tragedy.

As I watched these teenagers sprinting out of school or being marched out with their hands over their heads, the lyrics of the old song, Child for a Day by Cat Stevens, echoed in my head:

I was a child
Who ran full of laughter
I was a child who lived for today
My eyes full of sunshine
My heart full of smiles
I was a child for a day

We were the children
Who sang in the morning
We were the children
Who laughed at the sun
Who listened to those, who spoke with their wisdom
We are the ones, we would say

Then the station changed from images of the children to our politicians and talking heads giving their condolences and pointing fingers at each other for this tragedy. The next verse of the song rang even louder in my head:

We are the men, who worry of nothing
We are the men, who fight without aim
Who listen to no one, yet speak of our wisdom
We are the pawns, in the game

I watched as politicians, one after another, said that school safety is our “top priority”.  I watched as they promised to do “everything we can” to avoid future tragedies. But what they expressed in words they have failed in action.

Yes, the victims and their families need support, prayers and love. But they also need to realize there is going to be positive change.

We have seen the support. We have heard the prayers. We are touched by the outpouring of love. But after so many shootings, after all the empty talk, we haven’t seen any change.

And that is not acceptable.

If you haven’t heard the song, Child for a Day, it’s worth a listen.  Click here or on the video below.

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