green burials offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional burials

More and more people are opting for alternatives to traditional caskets and conventional cemeteries. Whether they are trying to save money, connect spiritually, or lessen their impact on the environment, people are becoming increasingly innovative when it comes to their burial plans. One recently popular burial option is to choose a “green” burial, one that uses minimal, natural, and biodegradable products.

Green burials utilize caskets that are made of environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, cork, wicker, and even papier-mâché. The caskets are not made with metal or chemicals, materials that take a long time to break down and can contaminate soil and water. Instead, green caskets are designed to merge with the environment around them as they break down.

Another benefit of green burials is that they avoid chemicals, like formaldehyde, that can harm workers. Essential oils may be used as embalming agents in their place, or embalming may be done away with entirely.

Many cemeteries in Michigan now offer green burial options, either in designated areas or as their entire map. They may use stones, trees, or shrubs as plot markers, or just leave the area as natural as possible. Green burials are a great idea for those who want to minimize their footprint or become closer to nature.

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