There is a little-known Veterans’ benefit called “Aid and Attendance” which may be available to help wartime Veterans and their surviving spouses with their health care costs.  This benefit is available to help pay for both home health care and assisted living costs, and can provide benefit payments of $2,054 per month (for a married Veteran), $1,732 per month (for a single Veteran), and $1,113 per month (for the surviving spouse of a deceased wartime Veteran).  These benefits are income tax free, for life.

I am accredited attorney by the Department of Veterans Affairs and have worked with hundreds of Veterans to review their situations and determine whether they would qualify for Aid and Attendance.  We have been successful in acquiring these benefits for clients who were initially told by the VA that they would not qualify.  I offer a free Prequalification Worksheet and analysis of whether these benefits may be available to you or your loved one.  Click the link below view and print the worksheet.


Here are some other benefits for those Veterans who are tired of hearing about discounts for military personnel only to find their local store does not have them.  The Military and Veterans Discount Center is there to help you ( and is free to all users.

There are many places that offer discounts for active military members and Veterans. For example,  Lowe’s established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients. Lowe’shonors all Veterans with a 10% Military Discount on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day.

We also would like to mention these merchandisers who honor Veterans with discounts. These are only some of the participating businesses that are mentioned often as sources of discounts:

  • Neighborhood Automotive – 10% off Parts and Labor for Veterans
  • Old Navy – 10% off every day for Military, Veterans and Family
  • Sam’s Club – Receive a $15 Gift Card when you purchase a membership
  • Home Depot – 10% off every day, Military. Must register. $20 max discount on each purchase.
  • Footlocker – 20% off every day for Active Duty

Most businesses that give discounts to Veterans require you to produce identification proving that you are a Veteran, so carry your identification with you.  Also, be sure and check with each store and restaurant before assuming the discounts are in effect, as policies can change.  It’s definitely worth an internet search for participating retailers and other businesses that offer Veterans’ discounts.

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