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In a recently published article, “The Upside of Seventy,” documentary film director Bob Belinoff shares his joy at pursuing his artistic passion later in life. His age is an not only an asset to his creativity, but a major inspiration for it. He has gained skills throughout his years and it is precisely now, in his third act, that he has the contentment, patience, and experience to combine them into creating some of his finest art.

On reaching the age of 70, Belinoff writes:

“Something actually improves. I can see it in myself. There is less spinning of the wheels, a talent develops for quickly seeing the gestalt, the big picture. Experience counts. Time and energy is saved. Perspective leads to proportionate response. Patience excels and a lot gets done.

Older is better for being unruffled. Little things don’t bother me so much. The world goes its crazy way. I’m not buffeted. I’m an American, I have food on the table, a roof over my head and a backyard. I’m the luckiest person on earth.

…I always wanted to be an artist, responsible only to my inner sense of what [was] pleasing, distinctive and worked. And this, the last third of life, may be a good time to be one.”

Bob Belinoff is far from the only person who enters act three and finds themselves surprisingly energized. Read our blog post about people compelled to keep working right into their 90s here, and read Belinoff’s entire article here.

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