Choosing the Right Elder Law AttorneyChoosing an attorney for any service is an important decision.  After taking the time to carefully evaluate and select counsel, you put faith in them to handle matters which can affect you and your family for many years to come.  For those seeking to hire an Elder Law attorney, it is not only important that their attorney be well versed in the areas of law which pertain to seniors, but also that this person understand issues faced by this population and their loved ones.

Look for Board Certification

An especially important question to ask when seeking to hire an Elder Law Attorney is whether the individual is “board certified”.  Board Certification means an attorney has extensive experience in an area of the law, has shown excellence in that practice area, and has passed examinations which are required to earn their certification.  When an attorney is a board certified in elder law, this means that they are a true expert in this area with a great deal of experience.  This is an especially important feature in an attorney practicing elder law as this area is complex requiring its practitioners to have an intimate working knowledge of several different subcategories of law.  For example, an elder law attorney might have to assist a client with Medicaid and Medicare planning, Estate planning, long-term care planning, incapacitation, as well as trust and tax issues.   Each of these are complicated areas which, if not handled with expertise and care, may have severe consequences for the client.

Experience is Critical

Individuals seeking to hire an elder law attorney should inquire as to their experience in this area and in working with seniors and their issues.  Determining their experience and track record can be helpful in determining if their skills are the right ones for your needs.  Another step to take is to meet with the prospective attorney for a consultation.  During this meeting, you should bring up your needs and concerns and also ask about other issues the attorney may suggest addressing.  This face to face interaction is an important piece of finding the right attorney as it will allow you to ask questions and determine if you feel you can work with this person.

Glenn Matecun is a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney with the expertise and experience you need to protect your interest and plan for the future.  Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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