For many people across the country, from outdoor enthusiasts to retirees, driving an RV is the ideal way to travel. Whether traveling during the summer or year-round, they never have to settle for just one destination — there is always something new around the next turn. However, owning or renting an RV comes with one big cost that travelers are always looking to reduce: the cost of fuel.

While RV drivers expect to pay big at the pump, with fuel prices in constant flux, not to mention different prices all over the country, it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll be spending before you spend it. So, what can you do to keep fuel prices from getting you down?

Take It Easy. On interstates, drive under the posted speed limit. Many interstates generally have a posted speed limit of 65–80 mph. Once you start going above 65 mph, your fuel efficiency falls sharply. Consider taking state highways where the posted speed limit is often lower at 50–60 mph. Plus, going a little slower means you get to see so much more!

Lose Weight. If your RV is carrying any excess weight, it’s costing you in fuel efficiency. Be sure to empty out your waste tanks when possible and keep your fresh water tank at a sustainable level. Unless you absolutely need a full tank of fresh water, aim to keep it about 50% full. The more weight you can lose, the lower your fuel costs will be over time.

Meal Plan. While getting out and experiencing local flavors of whatever region you’re in is always recommended, your food bill can get pretty steep over time. Pick and choose where you eat out — and drive to. Take full advantage of your RV’s kitchen space. Stock up on food from the grocery store ahead of time. Not only will you save on your food bill, you’ll save on gas by avoiding driving your RV to a store or searching for a place to eat.

It’s not uncommon for people to put off RV travel because they’re worried about the cost of fuel. When you take steps, even minor ones, to increase your fuel efficiency, fuel costs can become one less thing to worry about. Instead, you can turn your attention to what really matters: seeing the sights and enjoying the open road.

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