Aging in Place: Ways to Stay in Your HomeMany of us have the goal of reaching a time in life when we can retire and spend our days enjoying time at home.  A term for this concept “aging in place” means that a person gets to choose to remain in their chosen residence throughout their senior years.  As time progresses, some may experience health issues which will make staying at home more challenging.   However, for those who wish to age in place, there are measures which can be taken to help you stay in your home.

Planning to Stay

An essential step towards achieving the goal of independent living is planning ahead.  This planning should consist of financial as well as other considerations.  Planning financially will involve assessing your costs of living and the funds that you have available to support yourself.  These resources may come from retirement, family, and social security as well as other means.  One expense worth considering is long-term care insurance.  Although someone planning on staying in their home does not intend to need long-term care in a facility, this insurance can cover vital medical services which may be provided within the home.   By having coverage in place, you can help ensure that you can remain at home and have the services which you need.

Changes to Your Home

When preparing to remain in your home one concept which may bear consideration is making changes to the architecture of the dwelling.  For those who anticipate needing medical equipment such as a wheelchair, for instance, remodeling certain parts of the house to make it accessible before the need arises can be a valuable decision.  Additionally, mobility issues can make stepping in and out of a bathtub difficult and dangerous.  Therefore, another architectural change which can be beneficial is to the bathtub area.  Knowing your home, it would be a good practice to examine it in view of these needs so that you can plan to make adaptations as necessary for your health today and in the future.

Talking with Your Loved Ones

Chances are that your friends and family will be part of your daily life and the decisions you make in your senior years.  As such, it will be valuable to discuss your desire to age in place with your loved ones.  They may have ideas or resources which can help support your preferences.  Further, their ongoing presence in your life will not only serve to be a source of loving support but can also be a means to ensure your needs are adequately met in your chosen environment.

PACE Services

 Another important supportive resource for Michigan seniors is PACE or Programs of All-Inclusive Care.  Offered through Medicare and Medicaid, this program is designed to help recipients remain in their homes while still receiving the care and treatment they require.   For those who qualify, PACE can support independent living and quality care.

Aging in place can be a reality for many.  However, staying in the home for the long-term will require planning and preparation on behalf of the person who wants to remain there.  We have experience helping people understand the options available to them and planning for the future. Please contact us online or by phone if we may be of assistance.

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