Retirement Home for CatsIt would be an understatement to say that Floridian retirees Bruce and Terry Jenkins are cat lovers. In fact, the 70-year-old couple fancy the feline species so much that they decided to open up their one-acre property to create a retirement home just for cats.

The couple’s backyard was once a playground for their children, but now serves as a recreation center for the residents of Cat’s Cradle, a senior cat sanctuary. Cat’s Cradle provides a loving home for around 20 retirement age cats – that is, cats over 10-years-old. Alongside providing shelter, food, and love for these previously homeless cats, Cat’s Cradle offers a “Seniors for Seniors” program. This special offering matches up senior cats with suitable senior human companions, including regular visits to those in senior care and assisted living facilities.

“We would love to try to place elder cats with residents who would like to care for a pet. But we don’t get a lot of response,” Bruce Jenkins told “It’s such a great fit, though, and I think it could be a national movement to help the rescue and placement of older cats.”

See pictures and learn more about the cat-loving couple by clicking here.

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