grandmas share cultural heritage at this restaurant

Many people have fond memories of gathering for dinner at grandma’s, the house aromatic with the scent of a generations-old family recipe. Perhaps one day the recipe was passed down to you, and you carried on the tradition of sharing your culture with your own children, or perhaps you still long for that cozy feeling of grandma’s.

One New York restaurant is attempting to recreate that family feeling by employing only grandmothers as its chefs. Jody Scaravella opened Enoteca Maria after feeling nostalgic about his own Italian grandmother’s cooking. “Growing up I realized that my grandmother had been the repository of our family culture and identity. And I found out that, like her, millions of grandmothers all over the world pass down their heritage to their grandchildren,” he writes on the restaurant’s website.

He put out an ad in the paper searching for Italian grandmothers to bring their home recipes and skills to his kitchen. Now, there are several resident Italian grandmothers at Enoteca Maria who choose their own menus and recipes, and each night different grandmothers from other backgrounds pop in as visiting chefs to share their cultural cuisine, too.

See the chefs and learn more about the restaurant here.

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