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As technology progresses and we learn more about human health, living into our nineties is becoming more and more common. What can we do to make the best of these years? The Guardian has interviewed five nonagenarians in order to gain insight on what it takes to live a long and happy life. Here are four pieces of wisdom from people who are making the most of their nineties.

1. Don’t rush.

Many of the interviewees emphasized the same idea: take it easy and eliminate stress. At 99, this is Don’s key piece of advice, “The biggest lesson is to take life in a measured and relaxed way, not to rush or worry too much about things.”

2. Stay active.

Going to the community pool, taking short walks, getting out to see a movie, and just visiting with friends are small moments of activity that can bring great happiness and purpose to a long life.

3. Keep learning.

“Life is an education,” said 94-year-old Jean, mentioning that you must continue to learn as you age. The sentiment carried over among most of the other interviewees. They have kept their minds sharp and entertained by starting new intellectually-focused hobbies such as reading, writing, and playing music.

4. Start financial planning as soon as possible.

Ninety-four-year-old Pam made sure to point out the importance of making financial decisions in preparation for later life: “…I would say, start as early as you can to make yourself financially stable for when you get older, so that you don’t have to worry.”

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