Imagining Your Own Retirement Utopia

Joseph Coughlin, director of MIT Agelab, a “multidisciplinary research program that works with business, government, and NGOs to improve the quality of life of older people and those who care for them,” has created an imaginative, interactive map of his vision for the future of retirement living. With spaces for “drone delivery,” intergenerational learning centers, and… Read More »

Half of Penalized Nursing Homes Continue Giving Poor Treatment

Patients falling out of wheelchairs, taking medicine meant for their neighbor, or being bullied by staff members are nightmare situations that should never occur at a nursing home. Nursing homes face fines and restrictions when they violate safety rules in order to prevent these things from happening. Unfortunately—and outrageously—many homes continue to violate patients’ safety… Read More »

Would You Let a Robot Carer Into Your Home?

These days, it seems like we can innovate a technological solution to almost any need. From speeding up production to eliminating household chores, robots are becoming more and more commonplace. As technology advances, we have all by now heard the enthusiasm or the alarm from those who insist that our reality will only continue to… Read More »

When a Horse Visits a Nursing Home

Many nursing homes offer something known as “pet therapy,” where animals, usually dogs and cats, are brought into the home to visit with the residents. But recently, one senior living community in Michigan has taken pet therapy to a much larger level. The Village of East Harbor Senior Living Community welcomed Neigh Neigh the Clydesdale to walk… Read More »