Surprise Estate Donation for Michigan Library

The Rauchholz Memorial Library in Hemlock, Michigan is getting an overhaul. James and Mary Jean Foye have gifted 40% of their estate to the library after James passed earlier this year. Frequent visitors of the library, the Foye’s wishes were that their money would be used to build and maintain a brand new facility for the… Read More »

A Restaurant Where Grandma is Chef

Many people have fond memories of gathering for dinner at grandma’s, the house aromatic with the scent of a generations-old family recipe. Perhaps one day the recipe was passed down to you, and you carried on the tradition of sharing your culture with your own children, or perhaps you still long for that cozy feeling… Read More »

Green Burials Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative

More and more people are opting for alternatives to traditional caskets and conventional cemeteries. Whether they are trying to save money, connect spiritually, or lessen their impact on the environment, people are becoming increasingly innovative when it comes to their burial plans. One recently popular burial option is to choose a “green” burial, one that… Read More »

Majority of Americans Have No Estate Plans

With the hectic schedule of contemporary life, it is easy to place something like estate planning into the “I’ll get to it later,” category. Perhaps you are young and figure you won’t need a will for about another half-century, or you just don’t have the time to sit down and write up plans for something… Read More »

Couple Donates $10 Million Insect Collection

Charlie and Lois O’Brien are a pair among the top entomologists in the world. They have spent their lives traveling all seven continents, studying and collecting insects. Now 83 and 89, respectively, they have amassed a collection that contains over one million insects and is valued around $10 million. Over the past six decades, the… Read More »

Communities Bring Together People of All Ages

Imagine sharing your land with a community of around 30 other families. You each have your own homes, but the land is cared for by all. Your neighbors range from young families with babies to single retirees, and everyone knows everyone else. You are regularly involved in planning activities with your neighbors, and you have… Read More »

House Passes Health Package with SNT Fairness Act

Today, the House passed a major health care package that included the Special Needs Trust (SNT) Fairness Act. The SNT Fairness Act would allow individuals with disabilities, who have capacity, to set up their own special needs trust.  In September, the House passed an amended version of the SNT Fairness Act that contained several additional… Read More »