Would You Let a Robot Carer Into Your Home?

These days, it seems like we can innovate a technological solution to almost any need. From speeding up production to eliminating household chores, robots are becoming more and more commonplace. As technology advances, we have all by now heard the enthusiasm or the alarm from those who insist that our reality will only continue to… Read More »

Owning a Dog May Be Good for Your Health

  A recently published scientific study has confirmed that adults over 65 who own dogs are significantly more physically active than their non-dog-owning peers. The study followed 43 people with dogs and 43 people without dogs for one year. The participants were asked to log their activity in a journal and to wear an activity… Read More »

WHO Adopts Global Plan for Dementia

Representatives from up to 192 countries met in May for the 70th World Health Assembly. Members of the World Health Organization (WHO) discussed plans regarding vaccines, medicines that do not meet quality standards, and a global drug crisis, among other health related issues. One of the major topics at the Assembly was the need for a public… Read More »

Ridesharing Can Simplify Travel for Elderly

You are probably familiar with the recent phenomenon of ridesharing, a form of on-demand transportation service similar to a taxi cab. It provides an alternative to public transportation and cabs at times and locations that those services are not accessible or convenient. Ridesharing has gained its popularity through the ease with which almost anyone with a… Read More »

Style Doesn’t Fade with Age for These Trendsetters

It was after his grandmother passed that photographer Ari Seth Cohen moved to New York City. He had always been energized by her positive attitude about aging, and found himself inspired by the women of-a-certain-age he encountered on the streets of New York. Stirred by the memory of his grandmother and the boldness of the… Read More »