How will you spend your moment in time?

This is a re-print of Glenn’s Livingston Legal Corner article published August 24, 2016. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   “Time has a way of showing us what really matters”  ~ Unknown Author   I sat with Nora in her hospital room, having just finished helping her sign her legal papers.  Her mind was sharp, but her body was… Read More »

Check Out Our New Elder Care Whiteboard Videos!

We have spoken at hundreds of events over the years about Michigan Estate Planning, Elder Law and other senior issues.  Whether we are talking to seniors, business organizations, government offices or other groups, there is one common comment we get:  “We understand you.  You actually speak in plain English, not like most lawyers”.  We have… Read More »

No Uncapping of Taxes for Transfers by Michigan Lady Bird Deed

There has been lots of talk in the legal community about “uncapping” of real estate taxes.  What is uncapping?  Generally, whenever there is a “transfer of ownership” of real estate, the taxable value of that property “uncaps” in the year following the transfer to 50% of the property’s true cash value.  In many cases, especially… Read More »

Area on Aging Launches New Website


The Aging & Adult Services Agency with the Department of Health and Human Services has created a website for Michigan’s aging population. The website went live on August 24th, 2015 and works with local agencies and providers to help aging adults maintain their independence as they grow older. The website acts as a one stop shop… Read More »

Fowlerville Elder Lawyer Weighs in on Guardianships and Conservatorships vs. Powers of Attorney

As an elder lawyer in Fowlerville with considerable experience, certain questions are asked over and over again.  One area that sometimes requires explanation is the difference between guardianships, conservatorships and powers of attorney.   Guardianships and Conservatorships for Elders   Guardianships and Conservatorships come into play when an adult experiences some sort of issue that… Read More »

Losing home to foreclosure?

Question:  I am losing my home to foreclosure.  Is there any way to stop or delay the process?   Answer:   Yes, you may have rights that your lender has not told you about.  There are many rules that lenders must follow and, in my experience, they do not always follow them.  More troubling is that they often… Read More »