A Nursing Home Meets Preschool

Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle is not your average nursing home. It’s not your typical preschool, either. In fact, it combines the two in an inspiring way. The subject of an upcoming documentary, Providence Mount St. Vincent is a nursing home in which the 400 residents regularly share the facility with over 100 preschool… Read More »

Filmmaker Shares “The Upside of Seventy”

In a recently published article, “The Upside of Seventy,” documentary film director Bob Belinoff shares his joy at pursuing his artistic passion later in life. His age is an not only an asset to his creativity, but a major inspiration for it. He has gained skills throughout his years and it is precisely now, in… Read More »

4 Pieces of Advice from 90-Year-Olds Living a Happy Life

  As technology progresses and we learn more about human health, living into our nineties is becoming more and more common. What can we do to make the best of these years? The Guardian has interviewed five nonagenarians in order to gain insight on what it takes to live a long and happy life. Here… Read More »

When a Horse Visits a Nursing Home

Many nursing homes offer something known as “pet therapy,” where animals, usually dogs and cats, are brought into the home to visit with the residents. But recently, one senior living community in Michigan has taken pet therapy to a much larger level. The Village of East Harbor Senior Living Community welcomed Neigh Neigh the Clydesdale to walk… Read More »

More People Are Working Right Past Their Retirement

Many of us look forward to exiting the workforce around age 63, the average age of retirement in The U.S. However, there seems to be a new trend forming among people reaching that retirement age. Older and older adults are remaining in the working world for years beyond their possible retirement. According to The Washington… Read More »

Communities Bring Together People of All Ages

Imagine sharing your land with a community of around 30 other families. You each have your own homes, but the land is cared for by all. Your neighbors range from young families with babies to single retirees, and everyone knows everyone else. You are regularly involved in planning activities with your neighbors, and you have… Read More »

Virtual Reality… It’s Not Just for Kids!

When you hear the words “virtual reality,” you might immediately think of a bulky black headset covering the face of a video game playing teenager. Although virtual reality is often associated with fighting pixelated monsters, these wearable machines can do far more. Putting on the goggles and headphones allows for complete immersion in a panoramic… Read More »

How will you spend your moment in time?

This is a re-print of Glenn’s Livingston Legal Corner article published August 24, 2016. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   “Time has a way of showing us what really matters”  ~ Unknown Author   I sat with Nora in her hospital room, having just finished helping her sign her legal papers.  Her mind was sharp, but her body was… Read More »