Green Burials Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative

More and more people are opting for alternatives to traditional caskets and conventional cemeteries. Whether they are trying to save money, connect spiritually, or lessen their impact on the environment, people are becoming increasingly innovative when it comes to their burial plans. One recently popular burial option is to choose a “green” burial, one that… Read More »

CAPABLE: How Research is Revolutionizing Home Care

Different states across the country, including some cities in Michigan, are trying out a new program to improve the quality of life of elders in need, and to cut care costs at the same time. It’s called Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders, or CAPABLE. CAPABLE uses in-home research performed by… Read More »

Style Doesn’t Fade with Age for These Trendsetters

It was after his grandmother passed that photographer Ari Seth Cohen moved to New York City. He had always been energized by her positive attitude about aging, and found himself inspired by the women of-a-certain-age he encountered on the streets of New York. Stirred by the memory of his grandmother and the boldness of the… Read More »

Popular Nightclub DJ Got Her Start at 70

Eighty-two is proving to be a fruitful age for Sumiko Iwamuro, aka DJ Sumirock. The octogenarian has recently risen to popularity in Japan as a dance club DJ. Iwamuro has always had a passion for music, but spent most of her time helping out her family as a dumpling cook at their restaurant. It was… Read More »

Old Dogs Find New Love at Michigan’s Only Animal Hospice

Three years ago, Kim Skarritt created Silver Muzzle Cottage in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Silver Muzzle is a rescue and hospice care center for homeless senior dogs. Its aim is to rescue older dogs from shelters and place them with forever homes, but it also provides a homey environment for ailing dogs to live out their… Read More »

Stylists Help Dementia Patients Keep Identity

Visiting the salon can be an important ritual in a person’s life. It helps us to feel attractive, clean, and pampered. Those minutes or hours spent in that styling chair can also be therapeutic, as we tell all to our stylist. But what happens to those living in care homes, unable to make the trip… Read More »

Majority of Americans Have No Estate Plans

With the hectic schedule of contemporary life, it is easy to place something like estate planning into the “I’ll get to it later,” category. Perhaps you are young and figure you won’t need a will for about another half-century, or you just don’t have the time to sit down and write up plans for something… Read More »

Knitting Tiny Hats for a Huge Cause

One U.K. company has turned a common pastime into a fun way to help people in need. The movement is called The Big Knit and it recruits people with a passion for knitting to create as many smoothie bottle-sized hats as they can. That’s right, the cute and creative beanies end up atop of bottles… Read More »

Veterans Getting New Help From 3D Printing

The VA Center for Innovation has introduced a new solution to help Veterans with a variety of different physical needs. The use of 3D printing has allowed for quick and cost-effective means to assist Veterans in need. 3D printers are machines that create physical objects by layering thin strips of material on top of each… Read More »